The Ever Adapting Design…. The journey of a work of jewellery.

So….it all started with this oval I had made some months ago from forged 3mm wire. I started using more handmade elements to play around with composition.

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Miniature collections development

Inspired by the miniature collection I found attached to a magnet under my partner’s bed I made a series of continuous line drawings. Here are some of them.

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Prototype Logos??


These were my first two digitally made logos after doing some initial sketches. I was at first drawn to the one on the right. Below is an idea of the type of backgrounds I may have on my website, to give you an idea of context. Continue reading

My First Graphics Interchange Format (GIF)


I originally wanted to create this drawing as an animation, but had so many other things in the pipeline (welding, print etc etc) that I opted to record it as a screen capture as I drew it on Illustrator then sped it up in Premier Pro. was a great way to easily create a simple version of my original idea.

I’m really excited about what I can do with this simple animation program, I have some really amazing props I can get involved!!! You can use up to 30 images on this one, do any of you know of a free program that lets you upload a few more perhaps?

Oh yeah, once again this work comes from the miniature collection I found attached to a magnet under my fella Dave’s bed!